Charitable Events Positively Effect Your Business

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Charitable events are not only a good thing to host, it is also good for business. Aside from the first goal of philanthropic efforts — helping others — there are other positive side effects.
Here are a few ways that your company’s charitable activities can positively affect your business:
1. It can have a positive impact on your image.
Charitable activity turns the media’s head. People like to see for-profit businesses being philanthropic, and it’s the kind of inspiring news that’s often shared with friends and family.
2. It could win you more (and more loyal) customers.
Consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on how they feel about a company, and giving back definitely boosts a business’s reputation. These positive events can even turn into profits generated from loyal, repeat customers, who often double as the greatest (and most inexpensive) brand ambassadors.
An easy way to turn customers into brand ambassadors is to get them involved. You could try creating an email marketing campaign seeking volunteers to partner with your company, and support a charity together. When you get more involved in your community, it makes stronger ties to potential customers and makes current customers much more likely to advocate for your brand.
3. Raising your profile.
Working to raise money for a charitable cause can expand your audience and raise your brand’s profile.  A fun run for example which we have done in the past, helps your brand name and can reach people who might not have been aware of you before. It can also foster respect for your company since it is involved in a worthy cause. In addition, people who care about certain causes tend to remember the companies that have supported it.
People who have a strong sense of social awareness often like to reward companies that are involved in charities by promoting their brand on social media or through word-of-mouth.
4. It’s an internal morale booster.
Supporting charities also has a host of benefits for the company internally: boosting employee morale, encouraging teamwork that extends beyond the workplace, and giving employees a deeper sense of pride in the company they represent.
Charitable giving can be a strong business strategy, allowing a company’s employees to connect with the community.
5. Improve the community.
Being involved in the community and can raise stature as socially concerned businesses through involvement with local causes.
Some businesses refurbish nearby parks to provide a service for the community and to encourage people to spend time in an area close to where they do business.
Providing services that are relevant to your industry can raise awareness for a cause and your company.
6. Tax breaks.
If you are annoyed as a business owner about the amount of money you have to pay in taxes, putting that money to good use through events that benefit others may ease your concern about the tax rate.
You may be able to deduct the expenses from your income taxes as well as your company’s taxes but speak to an accountant to avoid any tax problems.
Deborah Kerbel