The Importance of an Invitation

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We are all familiar with the traditional paper invitations. Do they really make a difference or would a quick text message suffice in this digital age?
Email, Eventbrite, Facebook, to name just a few, at certainly at your fingertips. There is no denying that we live in a digital age, but what does this mean for invitations?
I can tell you, which is actually quite embarrassing, the sense of excitement I get when I come home to see an actual, physical invitation waiting for me. I relish opening the envelope or box, feeling the paper, reading every last word and then proudly displaying it on my mantelpiece, as a little reminder of something to look forward. You can hardly say the same for an email, can you?
Now Adding a twist – since niche events are the latest rave and more personal, making your guests feel like VIP’s, so does custom created themed event invitations.  This is really smashing the glass ceiling!
Even after the event, as the digital invitations slip away in to the internet abyss, never to be seen again, I can’t bear to throw a physical invitation away. To me, they are memories.
While the invitation landscape is changing – are we losing that personalization and ability to really create loyalty to your brand and raving fans?
Historically, invitations were used for social events by aristocrats in high society and created a sense of exclusivity by only extending invitations to those who were “worthy”.  It was considered an honour just to receive an invitation and great care was given.
Back then invitations set the scene which unsurprisingly is still the case today. You may be able to casually invite friends with a quick text, but for that special events, nothing comes close to an invitation in the mail.
They are also often the first point of contact to your guests and sets the tone for the event and builds excitement long before the day arrives.
Now I against digital invites entirely – it has its place in many forms. It can allow you to digitally distribute super chic invitations that cover a variety of corporate & business events. It is actually very effective when used in conjunction with personalized invitations.
It is still very acceptable to send a digital invitation, especially if the budget for the event doesn’t quite stretch to print, gifts and postage, but if you’re already going to the effort of hosting an event, creating a theme and coordinating décor, food, drinks and entertainment, then why not make a suitably strong first impression?
Deborah Kerbel