Event Success Formula

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What separates great event strategies from those that are underwhelming? If you are reading this, I suspect you are interested in finding out.

  •       We know that the professional events industry is growing
  •       Organizations typically allocate 24% of their budget to events in order to connect with customers, educate attendees & generate new leads
  •       Overperforming companies have demonstrated their commitment to the power of in-person events
  •       Events are the single most effective marketing channel (31%) – over digital advertising, email marketing and content marketing
  •       Majority of overperforming organizations place a greater emphasis on live events in the future both in budget & number of events (63%)
  •       91% of over performing organizations place a greater emphasis on live events compared to under performing companies


Key Findings 

The overwhelming majority of overperforming organizations (87%) feel that their leadership team is supportive of their live event strategy.

We can see that over-performing organizations regard live events as the most vital channel for achieving business goals.  When it comes to the frequency of events, they are also more likely to hold more events than under-performing organizations. 64% of overperforming organizations are likely to hold 10 events per year, compared to the majority of underperforming organizations (36%).


The top two biggest challenges for over-performing organizations when planning events is increasing registrations and revenue.


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*Source: Bizzabo

Deborah Kerbel