Corporations & Businesses Events Need to Be Protected

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Corporations & Businesses Events Need to Be Protected


Recently I approached Jason Koop to discuss the events industry & my concerns with data security. I spoke to several experts in this area including companies, as well as Claudiu Popa & Yoseph Elkaim, among other cyber security professionals & realized the need to prepare the event industry for this imminent risk.

Some event technology platforms on the market have glaring security flaws many companies use today.

We are launching the 1st Cyber Security Summit in Canada, educating companies who plan events with internal teams & planers. Details to follow.

Why You Need to be Concerned;

1) With event technology/innovation on the rise, companies are incorporating EVENT technology platforms for gathering valuable data. There is now more interest in information regarding their attendees’ profiles, behavioural data, etc.

2) This rise of innovative solutions and an increase in data capture, harbours serious risks. From data exploitation, data exchanges & exponential #’s of entry points into networks.

3) The risk of obtaining sensitive information for your event online & security breaches are growing & safeguards need to be in place. Companies & planners are required to assure their events are secure.

Deborah Kerbel