Online Boutique Now Available – Shop Deborah L Kerbel

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Exclusiveness and Quality are the Hallmarks of Our Company

From the moment we began designing the perfect event for each unique client, our collection of carefully curated items began to catch the eyes of guests.  We have always been asked, “How do I get one, I would love to have one myself, do you sell these, are they for sale”.  And so…..Shop Deborah L Kerbel was born.  The majority of our exceptional collections are now available exclusively through our website or

Our collection is metamorphosed each season and is constantly renewed, causing surprise, inspiration and temptation based on events we design. At the HEART of this are the dreams of our company. “When the world said to conform, when the world said to settle for less, the world said compromise and no will know, I made my own world.” – Bijan

The timing with holidays around the corner could not be more perfect.  We have not yet uploaded all of our favourite collections, however if there is something in particular that you are looking for, please contact me directly and I would be happy to find that perfect item for you.

Thanks to Mr. Naser with his dedication and support to assist with the website development!



Visit us on our shop page through our website: or on our shop page

Deborah Kerbel